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Tropiclean's wide range offers cleaning, odor removal and stain removal
for all pet owners and dental care that suits all dogs and cats!

Tropiclean offers many different products that promote dental health in both dogs and cats. Tropiclean's dental gel Clean Teets Gel prevents plaque and calculus & is perfect if you don't have the opportunity to brush the dog's/cat's teeth.
Tropiclean fresh mint foam is a mint foam that prevents & removes bad
breath and prevents plaque and tartar in your dog.
Tropiclean fresh breath has a wide range and also offers mouthwash that counteracts bad breath, plaque and tartar. Tropiclean also has a series of cleaning products, FreshBreeze, the series is wide and has products for all types of cleaning and deodorization for textiles, carpets and all surfaces. Odor removal and cleaning from Tropiclean is very effective and eliminates all odors and therefore prevents future accidents.

A popular series with both pet owners and breeders!


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