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Curli Vest harness Clasp Air-Mesh

Size Chart Curli Vest Harness Clasp Air-Mesh

Size Chest circumference Weight Ex. breed of dog
3XS 26.7-30.1 cm 1.5-3 kg Chihuahua
2XS 30.2-33.8 cm 2-4 kg Yorkshire terrier
XS 33.9-38.2 cm 3-5 kg Pomeranian
S 38.3-43.3 cm 4-7 kg Dachshund
M 43.4-49 cm 6-9 kg jack russell
L 49.1-55.4 cm 8-13 kg Medium poodle
XL 55.5-62.7 cm 12-18 kg French bulldog

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