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AlgGutten's Candy Cone Ostrich

Dog treats in candy cones, dried meat from ostriches in various forms. Perfect as a gift for a dog or when you want to pamper your dog a little extra!

OSTRICH MUMS Reward snacks:
About 20 g small pieces for reward, without preservatives.
Perfect for training, small pieces.
Dimensions: Length approx. 1-1.2 cm, Width approx. 1-2 cm.
Natural raw materials, varying color and shape possible.
Faint smell.
Composition: 96% ostrich, 4% tapioca.
Crude protein: 51.9%, Crude fat: 22.5%, Moisture: 10.1%, Crude ash: 7.4%.

Ostrich trachea in one unit.
Length approx. 15 cm, Diameter approx. 3 cm.
Hollow, can be filled and frozen for longer chewing pleasure.
Weak smell, low fat content, crisp and slightly chewy texture.
Chewing time varies (longer for small dogs, shorter for large dogs).
Composition: 100% ostrich.
Analytical components: Crude protein: 76.50%, Crude fat: 7.30%, Crude ash: 8.00%.

ostrich tendon:
Protein-rich ostrich tendons for dogs, 100% dried ostrich tendon.
Length approx. 25-35 cm, Width approx. 1 cm.
Little smell, low fat, hard texture, medium chew.
Composition: 100% ostrich.
Analytical components: Crude protein: 92.60%, Crude fat: 1.20%, Crude ash: 0.9%, Moisture: 4.60%.
Natural raw materials, varying color and shape possible.


Ostrich dog treats.
Contains pieces of ostrich meat, ostrich throat and ostrich tendon.
Varying size and shape due to natural raw materials.
Carefully dried and without preservatives.
Do not leave the dog unattended when it is chewing.
Access to fresh water is important.
The products are handmade, so shape, color and size may vary.

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