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Cannonball CB-1 Remote controlled ball launcher, 1 ball


New upgraded model of Cannonball, very stable and reliable remote controlled ball launcher. Used in dog training by the police and military.



The Cannonball is an unrivaled tool for modern dog training, whether you train with working or sporting dogs. The ball cannon "Cannonball" is the perfect device for training e.g. forwarding, running contacts, circling, search and much more! The only limit to how you can use the ball cannon in training is your imagination. The joy of receiving a reward in a "dynamic" way motivates the dog to solve the tasks optimally every time.

The new Cannonball CB-1 is black as night. The color, shape and size make it easy to hide.
Rechargeable, you don't have to think about changing the battery, the new CB-1 can be charged in an electrical outlet.
Smart built-in support foot. With the support foot, you can vary the inclination of the CB-1 in many different angles. When you're not using it, just put it back in the base plate, then it's always at hand next time.
Long range, up to 500 m.
New remote control. Sharp design, strong construction, long range, easy battery change.
Long battery life, not 4 small AA batteries as in the copies, but a block of 1.8 amps. Ensures a long training session without interruption.
CB-1 is of the highest quality. All materials are stainless. ABS casing, aluminum stainless steel included in the production. No cheap plastic materials are used here. No on/off contact. No visible antenna. You don't have to remember to turn off the power consumption, your Cannonball does it all by itself. If CB-1 fires, power consumption ends immediately.

With its low weight of 1600 grams and the compact outer casing, the Cannonball can be hidden practically anywhere. Despite its small appearance, it has an impressive vertical shooting height of no less than 2 m (this with an 85 gram ball!). Suspended from a tree or similar, the shooting length will be up to 5 m.

Cannonball has been the favorite of the quality-conscious user since 2004. Even the first machines work flawlessly to this day to the delight of dog and handler.

Rechargeable 230 V
Robust remote control
Black, makes it easy to hide
Range up to 500 m.
Adjustable with the help of the support foot
Solid technology
Supplied with batteries and a 67mm red ball (non-bouncing dead ball).
Weighs 1600 grams.
Used by police, military, emergency services and dedicated sport dog trainers worldwide with outstanding results. Whether it's the quiet gaze of the search dog, or the lively agility dog ​​at full speed, most can be trained with

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