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Dogmania Toka Fighting Toy Faux Fur

Fighting toy with fake fur, elastic handle and fleece band
Lovely fluffy and colorful fighting toy with fake fur, elastic handle and fluttering fleece band that entices to play and hunt. Perfect as a reward for agility training, obedience training or other types of dog training.
Care instructions

Wash in washing machine at 30 degrees. Air dried.



What dog doesn't want to play with this lovely fighting toy in all the colors of the rainbow?

The elastic handle dampens jerks from the dog and spares both your arms and the dog's neck.

The fleece pieces attract the desire to hunt even in the most difficult-to-motivate dog.

Faux fur: 18 cm
Elastic part: 12.5 cm
Total length: 52 cm

Made in the EU.

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