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Happy Dog Meat Snack Bavaria - Beef


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Tasty dog ​​treats made from carefully dried beef. Pieces that are easy to share. Grain-free.


90% animal protein
24.7/15.5 protein/fat
Beef (60%), vegetable by-products (potato flakes, apple fiber), minerals

Analytical constituents:
Crude protein 24.7%, crude fat 15.5%, crude fiber 1.4%, crude ash 6.3%, water 14.2%


This hearty, meaty dog ​​treat with gluten-free potatoes is ideal for sensitive or picky dogs of all sizes. The treats are easy to break into pieces, making them perfect for training your dog or just as a reward. The snacks are made without added sugar and are free of preservatives. The bag is resealable so the candy stays fresh longer. Sustainable, responsible business practices and the highest quality come naturally to Happy Dog, which is why they ensure that the meat for their dog treats comes from reputable breeders in Germany, is transported the shortest possible distance and is processed with care.

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