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LickiMat Cat Casper - Pink

Lining mat

LickiMat Classic Casper is a lick mat for cats with its pattern, it is perfect for calming down eating and offering treats. Use with soft food such as soft cat treats, wet food, raw food, fish and yogurt for a long-lasting meal.



LickiMat enriches mealtime for cats by enabling greater activity as they would experience it in the wild. LickiMat stops "whisker stress" and allows your cat to eat in a crouching position with full control of its surroundings, which reduces stress and anxiety. The "pockets" in the bowl are designed for the cat to lick to get the food. This makes it eat more slowly and meals last longer. Perfect for dry, wet or raw food to slow down eating Repeated licking is calming for your animal it releases calming hormones in the body No risk of overeating because LickiMat makes a small mouthful last longer Licking enhances the sensation of taste so your pet can enjoy a small amount of food Promotes fresh breath by scraping bacteria and undigested food particles off the tongue Stimulates saliva production and helps clean heavy teeth and gums Made from non-toxic food grade TPR 22 x 15 cm Fits all cats (and dogs) Freezer Safe Microwave Safe Hand Wash Monitor your cat or dog the first few times it uses the lick mat until it knows what it's about and that you shouldn't bite it.

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