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NoseWork Container with magnet (plastic)


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Plastic container with neodymium magnet and 21 holes. Equipped with a snap lid that keeps the contents in place regardless of location. Slightly larger than container Small. The larger number of holes means that more fragrance is released when e.g. learning.


Dimensions: H 0.12 cm, Ø 0.45 cm



New plastic container with 21 holes and magnet. This is approx: 1 cm wider than container Small.

Container with magnet for your training in Nose Work.
Excellent for vehicle searches with the option of attaching to a magnetic surface.

The product:

Ø: 45 mm
Height: 12 mm
Material: Plastic
Number of holes: 21 pcs
Neodymium magnet
The magnet is on the inside of the can
Neodymium magnets
Very strong to be used with great care!

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