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ROUGH! Moose Powerstick

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Small chew bone made of moose skin perfect for puppies and small dogs. Lasts a very long time. Dried according to traditional methods without toxins and additives.

Size guide

Vikt ca 18 g Längd ca 160 mm Bredd ca 15 mm Tjocklek ca 15 mm


Råprotein 87.7 % Råfett 2.1 % Fukt 6.2 %

  • RAUH! produkterna är till 100 % ett nordiskt hantverk
  • Bakteriologiskt rent
  • Avlägsnar tandsten och förebygger tandköttsinflammation
  • Ett smakligt och delikat tidsfördriv för hunden.
  • Lätt och med låg energihalt


The chewing bones made of elk hide are very durable and tasty. To make them, the entire moose skin is used, including the best part of the skin, i.e. the grain skin. In this way, we can offer your dog a unique, highly sustainable and allergy-free enjoyment of a genuine natural product. In the manufacture of the chewing bones, we only use the part of the skin that has the best quality, no residues from the trimming or other so-called residual products. These so-called residual products are handed over to the waste facility and used to produce organic fertilizer for the fields.RAUH! the chewing bones are made as handicrafts in Finland and only from raw materials that maintain excellent quality. From the very beginning, our manufacturing methods have been designed solely for the production of chew bones and other dog treats for the benefit of your pet! ROUGH! the chewing bones are always made from just one piece of leather and dried in the traditional way EVER SINCE 1989!- RAUH! the products are 100% a Nordic craft.- Bacteriologically clean.- Researched and safe.- Removes tartar and prevents gingivitis.- A tasty and delicate pastime for the dog.- Slightly low energy content. The genuine and original product with the Finnish quality designation Key flag! Remember to supervise your dog when he chews on chew bones and to make sure he always has access to fresh water. Store dry at room temperature.Nutrient Crude protein 87.7 % Crude fat 2.1 % Moisture 6.2 % Weight approx. 18 g Length approx. 160 mm Width approx. 15 mm Thickness approx. 15 mm

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