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Trixie Towel Highly Absorbent PVA - Grey


A highly absorbent towel with many uses! Suitable especially as a towel for dogs and cats after showers, baths, rainy days and dirty paws.


Size: 66 × 43 cm

Care instructions

Washing instructions: 60 degrees



A highly absorbent towel with many uses! Suitable for dogs and cats and is also suitable for horses.
Can be used as a towel to get pets dry. Just run the towel slowly over the pet and it will collect all the water. There is thus no need to rub the pet dry. Then wring out the towel and it immediately regains full absorbency.
Can also be used as a cooling cloth during sunny summer days. Dip it in cold water and place it over the animal. The evaporation stops the heat from the sun and when dried repeat.

The towel should be stored in the storage tube and kept moist for maximum absorbency.

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