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Non-stop Safe Life Jacket 2.0 Life jacket for dogs - Orange

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Orange life jacket for dogs for better safety and comfort in the water. Even good swimmers should use a life jacket. Dogs who are insecure in the water feel safer with a life jacket for swimming. Also used for rehabilitation

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Even dogs that love to swim can suddenly become tired or cramp in the water. Should this happen, the life jacket will keep the dog afloat. Floating elements around the neck help the dog keep its head above water. A robust handle and rigid fasteners on the chest make it possible to lift the dog out of the water. The life jacket has a highly visible color and 3M ™ reflective material that makes it easier to spot the dog in the water from all angles. The soft floating elements help the dog to develop good swimming technique to get the best effects of swimming. The side rings can be adjusted to shape how the dog swims and possibly add resistance. This can be useful for rehabilitation in swimming pools or treadmills. A long leash can be attached to the back ring if you are out on the water in a boat, canoe or SUP and want better control over your dog. The life jacket has a pocket for storing leashes on the back.

The life jacket is adjustable around the neck and chest. The life jacket fastens with buckles and is easy to put on after initial adjustments have been made. Two straps under the chest distribute the weight evenly if the dog needs to be lifted out of the water. Mesh lining prevents water from being retained under the chest.

The life jacket is available in sizes 2-7 to fit both small and large dogs.

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