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Nutroline Hip & Joint


Oil that improves the quality of life of older dogs and dogs with arthritis.

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Why should I give Nutrolin Hip & Joint? When the dog is diagnosed with osteoarthritis, the vet usually recommends fish oil's omega-3 fatty acids and joint nutrients as supportive care. NutrolinÆ HIP & JOINT is the only joint supplement that contains plenty of both. A combination of fish oil and nutrients for the joints are more effective than either of these separately.Improves the quality of life of the elderly dog ​​and arthritic dog.Researched pharmaceutical grade raw materials.Developed and manufactured in Finland.Tasty and easy for daily use. An opened package is stored in the refrigerator and used within three months. Did you know? Omega-3 fatty acids and joint-protecting nutrients reinforce each other's effect. They reduce inflammation and support joint tissue regeneration. Natural vitamin E enhances the effect by reducing the oxidative stress caused by the inflammations. Effective combination When the dog is diagnosed with osteoarthritis, the vet usually recommends the fish oil's omega-3 fatty acids and nutrients for the joints. The most researched joint supplements are glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. The background to the recommendation can be found in WSAVA's (World Small Animal Veterinary Association) recommendation from 2014, which is based on research. NutrolinÆ Hip & Joint is a unique synergistic product. The daily ration for, for example, a 20-kilogram dog contains even 1400 mg of omega-3 fatty acids and 1100 mg of nutrients for the joints. The combination of fish oil and joint supplements is more effective than separate preparations. Together, they are proven to reduce inflammation and pain in the joints. When the pain disappears, the dog starts to move more. And because movement is medicine for the joints, the dog's quality of life improves. It is also often possible to reduce the use of pain medication.Tested and researchedNutrolinÆ HIP & JOINT was tested for two years before it was released on the market in 2013. A pilot study was also conducted at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Helsinki. The researchers tested the effect of HIP & JOINT on dogs with chronic pain caused by osteoarthritis in the hip joints. The pain was measured during the follow-up with a pain index developed by DVM Hielm-Björkman's team. The measurements taken during a three-month follow-up period showed that the dogs' osteoarthritis pain decreased significantly (Hielm-Björkman & Seppälä 2013). Read the summary of the sub-increase in English (HIP & JOINT is referred to by the former Finnish name Nutrolin Nivel in the text).Pharmaceutical grade raw materialsNutrolinÆ HIP & JOINT is manufactured in Finland at a factory supervised by Fimea (the Safety and Development Center for the Pharmaceutical Area). The product's raw materials are of pharmaceutical quality from exactly the same raw materials that joint supplements for humans are made of. The fish oil comes from a factory that is monitored by the Icelandic Medicines Agency. The fish oil contains a minimum of 280 mg/ml of inflammation-reducing omega-3 fatty acids: ETA EPA DPA and DHA. The daily ration of the Joint Duo product contains almost a hundred times more omega-3 fatty acids than a daily dose of green-lipped mussel. We recommend the product to dogs of all ages who have osteoarthritis or other joint problems. Ingredients tablet 1100 mg: glucosamine HCI 330 mg chondroitin sulfate 220 mg MSM 110 mg krill (Euphausia superba) 110 mg vitamin C 33 mg auxiliary substances 297 mg Ingredients fish oil** 25 ml: ETA (C20:4) 15 mgEPA (C20:5) 358 mgDPA (C22:5) 52 mgDHA (C22:6) 243 mgOmega-3 698mg**pharmaceutical grade (GMP/API)Natural additives: Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol) 10 mg/ mlTocopherol extractRosemary extractDosageDog's weight kgTabletOil mlunder 1512516-352536-55375over 55410 Daily dosage together with the dog's food or separately. This is how long the product lasts

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