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Nutrolin Puppy & Mom


A pure and safe nutritional oil for puppies and pregnant and lactating bitches.

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Ensures the puppy's learning ability. Omega-3 DHA is the most important fatty acid in the puppy's diet. DHA is needed to support the development of the brain, eyes and sense of smell. Fish oil's omega-3 fatty acids can also protect against skin problems in adulthood. Give to the bitch at the latest from the end of pregnancy to the end of lactation and to the puppies until they are about 12 months old. NutrolinÆ PUPPY & The MOM nutritional oil is stable and safe: this is important because oxidized oils are harmful to the puppy's development. Tasty and easy for daily use. An opened bottle is stored in the refrigerator and used up within four months. DID YOU KNOW? If the bitch has had puppies before, the bitch's DHA reserves may be at such a low level that the puppy results deteriorate. In these cases, we recommend that the bitch receives NutrolinÆ PUPPY & MOM in good time before mating. Better learning ability The most important fatty acid for the puppy is fish oil's omega-3 DHA. Its role in the development of the brain's vision and sense of smell is significant. A sufficient level of DHA in the bitch's diet during pregnancy and in the puppy's diet after weaning guarantees the development of the puppy's learning ability. Intake of omega-3 fatty acids during pregnancy and breastfeeding can also reduce the risk of atopic diseases in adulthood. This was revealed in a study where the researchers monitored the degree to which children of atopic mothers contract atopic diseases. NutrolinÆ PUPPY & MOM contains more DHA than regular fish oil. The nutritional oil also contains a safe amount of natural vitamin E. NutrolinÆ PUPPY & MOM is given to the breeding sow before/from mating or from the last third of pregnancy until the end of lactation. The oil is given to the puppies when they transition to solid food. The oil is given until the puppies are about 12 months old. A safe omega-3 supplementNutrolinÆ PUPPY & MOM is a pure and safe nutritional oil for puppies. Oxidized oil is harmful to the puppy's immune system and to the healthy development of the locomotor organs (Turek et al. 2013). We have developed a manufacturing method that protects all NutrolinÆ oils from oxidation. The method consists of four important elements: 1) the high quality of the raw materials, the fish oil is stabilized with 2) added vegetable oil and 3) added antioxidants 4) the oil is also packaged in an aluminum bottle that protects the sensitive fatty acids against the harmful effects of light and oxygen. Fertility and Omega -3-fatty acids If the DHA level in the breeding bitch's body is low, this can affect the bitch's chances of becoming pregnant and the size of the litter of puppies. In a study that included more than 17,000 matings, it was determined that when the bitch's diet contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acids, the DHA level in the tissues is increased, the chance of becoming pregnant is improved, the number of stillborn puppies is reduced and, in addition, the size of the litter is maintained even with repeated pregnancies (Kelley 2000). Therefore, we recommend that the breeding bitch receives NutrolinÆ PUPPY & MOM already a number of weeks before mating if the bitch has had puppies before. Ingredients: Fish oil - omega-3 DHA 130 mg/ml Natural additives in vegetable oil: Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol) 25 mg/ml Tocopherol extract Rosemary extract Daily dosage for the bitch from mating to weaning: Dog's weight kgml5125102520540757010 Daily dosage for the puppy up to 8 months of age: 1 ml/3 kg. Daily dosage for puppies aged 8-12 months: according to the same dosage table as for the bitch.

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