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Nutroline Skin & Coat


Oil that protects and nourishes the dog's skin and improves the coat quality.

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Why should I give this oil to the dog? Contains plenty of essential fatty acids that nourish the skin and improve the skin's natural protective layer. Helps with dry skin and reduces fur shedding as well as counteracts yeast and dandruff. Works as an internal paw ointment and cares for cracked claws. Supports the care of atopy and other skin inflammations. Grooms the show dog. Suitable for dogs of all ages. A unique patented composition. ATTENTION! Does not contain fish oilTasty and simple for daily use. An opened bottle is stored in the refrigerator and consumed within four months. Did you know? Essential fatty acids, especially omega-6 linoleic acid, are needed to maintain the skin's natural protective layer, i.e. the skin's barrier function. A barrier function that works poorly causes dry skin and exposes the dog to skin problems. NutrolinÆ SKIN & COAT contains fatty acids that support the effect of linoleic acid: alpha-linolenic acid gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and stearidonic acid (SDA) as well as natural vitamin E. The composition of the SKIN & COAT nutritional oil is patented in several European countries and in the USA. Patented compositionNutrolinÆ SKIN & COAT is a unique patented nutritional oil for dogs. It contains plenty of linoleic acid, which is an essential omega-6 fatty acid for the well-being of the skin and coat. SKIN & COAT also contains omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids (GLA and SDA) which optimize the metabolism of linoleic acid. The nutritional oil also contains natural vitamin E but no fish oil. We have developed SKIN & COAT to maintain the health of all dogs' skin, fur, claws and paw pads. A favorite of dog groomers and show people The dog that receives NutrolinÆ SKIN & COAT oil gets a raging coat. The nutritional oil does not make the rough-haired dog's fur soft. That is why the dog groomers and show people are especially fond of SKIN & COAT. The nourishing oil also reduces hair loss and dandruff. Brittle claws become strong and rough tread pads become soft. Behind these positive effects is knowledge based on research that disorders in the skin are often caused by excessively dry skin. Linoleic acid obtained from the diet protects the skin from becoming too dry. At the same time, it supports the health of the skin, fur, claws and foot pads. SKIN & COAT contains plenty of linoleic acid and with regular use, the nutritional oil strengthens the skin's natural protection. Internal paw ointment Dry winter weather playing sports on rough surfaces and many other reasons can cause the pads to become dry. In the worst case, the foot pads can crack and become inflamed. Sufficiently prolonged and regular use of NutrolinÆ SKIN & COAT cares for the foot pads. Well-being pads are smooth, elastic and hardy. Veterinarians recommend for treating skin problems NutrolinÆ SKIN & COAT oil's history began in Finland in 2007. Veterinarians have noticed over the years that the nutritional oil is an excellent support in the treatment of atopy and various skin and claw diseases in dogs. Today, SKIN & COAT is the best-selling fatty acid supplement at Finnish veterinary clinics and pharmacies. Tips for dogs with severe skin problems Does your dog have atopic dermatitis, itching or other severe skin problems? In this case, do not give fish or fish oil to the dog in the same meal as you give NutrolinÆ SKIN & COATt. In order for the dog's body to be able to make full use of the various fatty acids found in vegetable oils and in fish oil, it is best that the dog receives these at different times of the day. Ingredients Cold-pressed vegetable oils: Hemp seed oil Rapeseed oil Linseed oil Essential fatty acids 480 mg/ml Natural additives: Vitamin E (d-alpha-tocopherol) 25 mg/mlTocopherol extract The dog's weight kgml5251052075301050158020Daily dosage together with the dog's food or separately.

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