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Nutroline Sport


Nutrolin Sport helps the working, sporting and hunting dog's body to cope better with hard exertion. At the same time, the nutritional oil helps the dog to recover faster after performance. The product is thus an important part of the active dog's overall care.

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WHY SHOULD I GIVE IT UP? Protects against oxidative stress and inflammation that occurs during hard physical exertion. Hard physical exertion stresses the musculoskeletal system (muscle-skeletal system) by causing inflammation and oxidative stress. NutrolinÆ SPORT is a unique combination of omega-3- fatty acids vitamin E ubiquinone and beta-carotene. The composition suppresses inflammation and oxidative stress. NutrolinÆ SPORT contains all the important omega fatty acids of fish oil: ETA EPA DPA and DHA as well as vitamin E in its natural form (d-alpha-tocopherol) ubiquinone and beta-carotene. Protects sports, working and hunting dog's muscles joints and tendons and maintains their flexibility. Developed and manufactured in Finland. The quality is supported by scientific research.Package size: 500 mlNote: the powerful antioxidant beta-carotene contains an orange pigment that can discolour textiles, for example.Tasty and simple for daily use. An opened bottle is stored in a refrigerator and consumed within three months. DID YOU KNOW? It takes about that long before omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, ubiquinone and beta-carotene are stored in the tissues. To get the best possible protection from these nutrients, we recommend that the dog receives NutrolinÆ SPORT well before the dog needs to be in top form. Therefore, the SPORT regimen is started at least one month before the training, competition or hunting season begins. When the active season ends and the rest period begins, it is good to take a break from SPORT. If the dog works all year round, the dog can get the product continuously. Performance puts a strain on the tissues When a dog works hard, the body is exposed to great stress. Hard physical exertion puts strain on muscles, tendons and joints. The load causes oxidative stress and inflammation in the tissues, which the dog feels in the form of pain. Oxidative stress refers to a condition in the body when there is an imbalance between factors that cause oxidation in the cells and factors that protect against this oxidation. Oxidative stress damages the cells. Faster recovery The SPORT oil contains plenty of antioxidants – vitamin E, ubiquinone and beta-carotene. These protect the cells against the oxidative stress that occurs during physical exertion. The fish oil's omega-3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA) help the body to repair the tissue damage that occurs during severe stress and thus the dog recovers faster. Vitamin E ubiquinone and betacathetone are, together with the omega-3 fatty acids, an effective protective package whose effectiveness has been proven by studies on draft dogs. Be preventive If you want to get the full effect of NutrolinÆ SPORT, you should start giving it to your dogs already a few months before the active season begins. It takes time to replenish the muscles' antioxidant and fatty acid stores. Continue the SPORT regimen until the rest period begins or give continuously if the dog works all year round. Energy and strength Riitta Kempe, who won both WC silver and EC gold with her draft dogs, is a civilian breeder and expert in dog nutrition. She has been involved in the development of NutrolinÆ SPORT. Riitta has been using SPORT for her draft dogs for several years. She also gives NutrolinÆ SKIN & COAT to the dogs because it keeps the pads durable. Since the dog receives two different oils at the same time, one is given in the morning and the other in the evening. -alpha-tocopherol) 100 mg/10 mlBeta-carotene 6 mg/10 mlTocopherol extractRosemary extractDosageDog's weight kgml-10515752010301254015Daily dosage together with the dog's food or separately. HOW LONG DOES THE PRODUCT LAST

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