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PAIKKA Visibility Leash - Pink

Size chart
Leash with reflective properties and practical pocket in the color pink for dog poo bags. Traffic handle along the entire length of the leash for a firm grip. Match with the PAIKKA Visibility harness for the perfect kit.
Size guide

To determine the correct size of your PAIKKA leash, see the weight recommendations below. Also consider your dog's character, if it is very lively or strong for its size, we recommend choosing the larger size.

Size Width Length The dog's maximum weight
15 mm 15 mm 180 cm | 6 feet 13 kg | 29 lbs
20 mm 20 mm 180 cm | 6 feet 70 cm | 154 lbs


Care instructions


  • Reflective bag for dog poo bags - safety in low light conditions!
  • Traffic handle - firm grip in situations that require control.
  • Padded handle - comfortable grip.
  • Leash with a width of 15 mm has an easy-to-use carabiner with bolt lock.
  • Leash with a width of 20 mm has a safety carabiner with twist lock.


Match this leash with the harness in the same series for the ultimate set, or use each separately.

The PAIKKA Visibility leash has traffic handles along the entire length of the leash for a firm grip. The main handle at the end of the leash is padded for comfort.

Close to the handle is a handy bag for dog poo bags, which is made of reflective material to ensure visibility in low light conditions.

There is also a D-ring at the base of the handle. This D-ring can be used if you want to loop the leash over your shoulder or attach small and light accessories.

All PAIKKA's harnesses and leashes undergo rigorous testing. This leash has been tested for tensile strength.

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