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Swedish Animal Pharmacy Blood powder


Swedish DjurApotheket's blood powder gives a stronger, denser and shinier fur. Blood powder also promotes the muscle mass of hard-working dogs or young dogs. Blood powder works excellently as an iron supplement for bitches during heat and through possible feigned pregnancy. Many people use blood powder mixed with water in their game tracks or as a spice on the food of dogs with food problems.

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Swedish DjurApotek's blood powder has many different uses, e.g.: Promoting muscle mass in working dogs or young dogs. Iron supplement for bitches during heat or pregnancy. Flavor enhancer for picky dogs. week before the expected run and gives it up to mock pregnancy (approx. 2 months). The same applies to pregnant bitches. INGREDIENTS: Blood meal from beef (hemoglobin 100%) Analytical constituents Protein 80% Iron 2700mg/kg DOSAGE: As a diet and nutritional supplement or as a food flavor enhancer 1-2 tablespoons dry or the same amount mixed with 2-5 dl of water. laying of blood traces 1 tablespoon of powder per 1-2 dl of water.

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