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Swedish Animal Pharmacy Kelp


Swedish DjurApotekets Kelp strengthens fur claws and pigmentation. Kelp helps maintain good digestion. The supplement also helps your animal maintain a higher resistance to infections.

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Swedish DjurApotekets Kelp, which is a complementary supplement that contributes vitamins, minerals, amino acids for the animal's general health and well-being. Swedish DjurApotekets Kelp is a knotweed powder that contributes to better fur pigmentation and chlorine. Kelp helps maintain good digestion. Kelp helps your animal to maintain a higher resistance to infections. Swedish DjurApotekets Kelp naturally contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals and about twenty amino acids as well as an abundant amount of Omega3. Vitamin 1 B1 B2 B3 B12 C and E. The minerals calcium copper iodine iron lithium magnesium phosphorus potassium selenium silicon sulfur zinc chromium cobalt manganese niacid riiboflavin sodium. For all animals for general health both physically and externally. For animals that need mineral/protein supplements, for example if you barf your dog. Can be given to dogs over 1 year. Warning text: not for puppies/young dogs under 12 months due to the content of iodine. Not for dogs with a thyroid disorder. INGREDIENTS: kelp powder Declaration per dose measure · 3.6 g: (5 ml) Declaration per 4 dose measures 144 g (large dog) kelp 36 g dog up to 10 kg1 dose measure 138 daysDogs between 10-25 kg2 dose measure69 daysDogs between 25-40 kg3 dose measure46 daysDogs over 40 kg4 dose measure34 days

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