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Swedish Animal Pharmacy Fluid replacement


Swedish DjurApoteket's Liquid Replacement is developed to provide your dog with quick nutrition and the most important electrolytes needed for recovery in the event of, for example, acute diarrheaÈ moderate dehydration or for recovery during hard work for active dogs.

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Swedish DjurApotek's Liquid Replacement is developed to compensate for the fluid and electrolyte loss that can occur in both dogs and cats. Glucose and maltodextrin provide quick energy and the electrolytes to restore the balance of minerals in the body.Svenska DjurApotekets Liquid replacement is a powder with fast nutrition from glucose and maltodextrin plus all the most important electrolytes in the form of sodium potassium calcium magnesium and zinc. The fluid replacement must be used so that the animal can recover in connection with hard work, acute diarrhea and moderate dehydration in e.g. hot weather. With diarrhoea, large amounts of fluid are lost from the body. If the fluid is not replaced, there is a risk that the animal will dry out. Hard-working dogs can benefit from fluid replacement to quickly regain energy and thus a faster recovery in e.g. hunting and competition. Recommended for: Gastrointestinal disorders (acute diarrhea) where fluid loss occurs. High heat on hot summer days or traveling in a hot car, train, etc. Hard work such as for hunting dogs, herding dogs, tracking dogs, draft dogs and competition dogs. INGREDIENTS: Glucose maltodextrin potassium chloride calcium citrate sodium chloride sodium citrate magnesium sulfate zinc sulfate.Declaration per dosage unit · 10g(15ml)Glucose49gMaltodextrin33gPotassium200mgSodium160mgCalcium120gMagnesium60mgZinc2mgChloride330mg Nutrition declaration/100gProtein0%Ash 8%Carbohydrates 82%Fat 0%Water content 4%Energy 328 kcal DOSAGEMix 1 dosage unit with 205 liters of water etc. Give the animal free access to drink. If the animal does not drink voluntarily, you can use a plastic syringe and give the replacement directly in the corner of the mouth, making sure that the animal swallows between the small doses. The ready-mixed solution should be consumed within 24 hours. Cats and small dogs up to 11 kg 1 dose measure Dogs between 10-20 kg 2 dose measures Dogs between 20- 30kg3 dose measuresDogs 30-40kg+4 dose measures

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