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Trikem WorkingDog MaxProbact, Dietary supplement for dogs


Restores and preserves the intestinal microbalance. Beneficial bacteria and fiber that quickly restore the balance in the intestinal microflora. Lowers the pH value, which counteracts the development of toxic bacteria. Improves digestion and increases nutrient absorption. Contains only natural bacteria and prebiotic fiber.

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MaxProbact contains a very high concentration of beneficial bacteria that are protected by microencapsulation during the passage through the stomach. In the intestine, the encapsulation dissolves and the bacteria are activated and establish themselves in the intestinal flora. Beneficial bacteria create an intestinal environment that counteracts toxic bacteria and protects the intestinal mucosa. Packaging with 6 dosage bags. Use: For dogs with loose or uneven stools. Also given preventively in case of hard work, change of environment, rehabilitation and medication affecting the intestines. In case of severe complaints, a clear effect should be noticed within 1-2 days, otherwise a veterinarian should be contacted. Dosage: under 20 kg - 1/2 sachet 1-2 times/day over 20 kg - 1 sachet1 -2 times/day The dosage is adjusted according to the extent of the problems. No risk of overdose based on the above guidelines. Contents: Encapsulated lactic acid bacteria: 10e8 stInulin: 10 g Registered with the Swedish Agricultural Agency. Contains no doping substances. All WorkingDog products are withdrawal-free provided that they are not used to hide injury or mental problems in the dog.

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