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Behöver hunden skor?


Dog shoes or booties are a good way to protect the dog's paws on snowy surfaces, salted roads, rugged environments, and hot asphalt. They can also help prevent injuries and pain, as well as make it easier for the dog to get around on different surfaces.

There are different types of dog shoes to choose from. Winter dog shoes are made of warm material that keeps the dog's paws dry and warm. Other types of dog shoes have a thicker sole that protects against cutting and abrasive surfaces.

When choosing dog shoes, it is important to choose the right size so that the shoes fit comfortably on your dog without being too tight or too loose. Also consider choosing shoes that are easy to put on and take off, as it may take time for the dog to get used to them.

Remember that dogs are not used to wearing shoes, so it may take some time for them to get used to them. Therefore, it may be a good idea to introduce the shoes gently and give your dog time to get used to them before using them on longer walks.

Overall, dog shoes are a great way to protect your dog's paws and prevent injuries. Below we have compiled information and listed areas of use for the dog shoes we have in the range to make it easier to choose the right dog shoes for your dog.


Which dog shoes you should choose depends on the activity you are going to perform and the surface the dog will walk on. Here are some recommendations from us.

Non-stop Protector Bootie

Suitable for tough terrain with sharp rocks, on dry ground and snow

Protector Booties are made of nitrile rubber for extra protection against rough surfaces such as sharp rocks, glass, hot asphalt in the summer or salted roads in the winter. They are very durable, waterproof and provide the dog with good grip even on slippery surfaces.

Intended use:
  • Bare ground and snow
  • Rough surface
  • Canicross and cycling
  • Hiking and safety
Buy Non-stop Protector Booties here
Dog paw with Non-stop protector bootoe dog shoe


Finnero Halla Lux Booties

Suitable for cold and tough surfaces. Also protects against colds.

Dog booties made of fleece with a sole made of the Finnish TopGrip® material, which is durable and flexible and protects the dog's paws from frost, sharp stones and road salt. The front opening of the shoe makes it easier to put them on. Comes in a pack of 2.

Intended use:

  • Bare ground and snow
  • Tough surface
  • Hiking

Buy Finnero Halla Lux Booties here

Dog out in the snow with Finnero Halla Lux Booties dog shoes

Finnero SULO Protective Booties

Suitable for bare ground, rough terrain and sharp rocks.

SULO Protective Booties are manufactured with a durable protective coating and are suitable for use on gravel and other sharp surfaces to protect tread pads and claws. Slightly taller model with two elastic Velcro straps that keep the shoes in place. Not waterproof.

Intended use:

  • Bare ground
  • Tough surface
  • Canicross and cycling
  • Hiking and safety

Buy Finnero SULO Protective Booties here

Dog out in the snow with Finnero Sulo Protective Booties dog boots on the front paws

Non-stop Long Distance Booties

Suitable for snowy terrain, not slush.

Non-stop Long Distance Booties is our best selling bootie and is suitable for snowy terrain to prevent snow from sticking to the dog's paws and fur. Also protects against road salt and frostbite. Elastic velcro ensures a secure fit. Lightweight and flexible design that won't interfere with the dog's movement. Not waterproof.

Intended use:

  • Snow
  • Mushing
  • Long distance

Buy Non-stop Long Distance Bootie dog boots here

Dog legs are visible in the snow with Non-stop Long Distance Booties on the paws

Finnero Halla Booties Fleece Booties

Warming booties that protect against colds, road salt and snow that gets stuck in the paws.

The front opening makes these booties easy to put on, the double velcro straps keep them in place without falling off. The bottom part is flexible and water resistant (not waterproof).

Intended use:

  • Snow and soft surfaces

Buy Finnero Halla Booties Fleece Booties here

Two dog paws in the snow with pink Finnero Halla Booties Fleece booties

Non-stop Solid Sock

Boots for bare ground.

Smooth and light booties with soft inside and reinforced outside of 1000D tightly woven nylon. Elastic Velcro.

  • Bare ground
  • Canicross and cycling
  • Hiking

Buy Non-stop Solid Sock dog boots here

Dog outdoors standing on a rock with Non-stop Solid Sock dog booties on his front paws