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Dog running in the forest with a ball in his mouth and an orange dog blanket from Pomppa Perus

Dog lying and scouting in the forest with a patterned dog blanket from Pomppa Perus
Pomppa Peru's Dog Blanket is the first model Pomppa designed. The goal was to design a jacket that protects the dog without restricting the dog's movement patterns. Pomppa Perus is a waterproof dog blanket that keeps your dog warm all year round. Forget awkward leg cords that rub - Pomppa's dog clothes still stay in place thanks to their unique design!

Perus is available in 5 different colors!

The jacket is perfect for use in our Nordic climate and protects your dog even at freezing temperatures.

The collar extends well up over the dog's neck to protect the neck and neck while giving the dog the opportunity to move its head freely. All Pomppa blankets are waterproof. Thanks to the anti-static teddy lining, the fur will not tangle on your dog when wearing the blanket.  Reflectors are on the collar and along the back seam, which ensures that your dog is visible in the dark!

Dog in the forest with an orange dog blanket from Pomppa Perus

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