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Go outside and play with your dog - Create magical spring adventures!

Gå ut och lek med din hund - Skapa magiska våräventyr!

Spring is finally here, and what's better than enjoying the balmy breezes and sunshine with your loyal best friend? At Dogmania we believe in creating memorable moments and sharing the love of dogs every step of the way. So why not take your dog's leash and go on an adventure?
Here are some ideas to make spring walks an experience out of the ordinary.

1. Explore new paths together 🌳

How about leaving the usual pavements behind and embarking on an excursion into nature? Explore new paths, forest walks or beach walks where both you and your dog can take in the beauty of nature and fresh air.
Don't forget to bring a 🥤 water bottle and collapsible bowl so your dog can get fluids and stay hydrated during the ride & to keep you both warm and comfortable, put on a warming dog blanket for your dog and a windproof jacket for you self!

2. Create your own trail game 🐾

Go on an exciting treasure hunt together with your dog by creating your own trail game. Hide treats or favorite toys along the way and let your dog use his natural ability to track and look for the reward.
To make them even more fun, try using an activity mat where you can hide treats in different compartments for the dog to search for.

3. Make the walk more challenging 💪

Why not make the walk a little more challenging by adding some simple obstacles along the way? Use logs, low obstacles or improvised agility equipment to activate your dog's body and mind in a new way.
Do you go for a walk in the evening? For extra safety and control, you can use a dog harness with reflective details 🌟 , which not only gives you the opportunity to control your dog but also increases visibility on the walk.

4. Let creativity flow with outdoor games! 🎾🌊

Spring is the perfect time to let your creativity flow and come up with fun outdoor games together with your dog. Try a playful round with litter, play with a Frisbee or a ball, or why not organize a water game? To make the game even more exciting, you can try using a floating dog toy that your dog can retrieve from the water.

5. End with a really cozy picnic.🧺

After a day filled with adventure and play, it's time to relax and enjoy a cozy picnic together. Pack some delicious snacks and a blanket and settle down in a nice place in nature where you can enjoy each other's company and the beautiful spring weather. 🐶 ❤️