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Dog in the forest with a purple rain blanket from Pumppa

Pomppa Light Rain cover is a waterproof and windproof jacket in light material that protects your dog against rain and wind.
Its outer fabric, model and colors are the same as the winter cover.
The rain cover
 is made of thin and antistatic fabric with a soft finish instead of teddy like in the winter blanket.

The rain cover is perfect for use all year round in our Nordic weather conditions.

The light material and very soft lining mean that the jacket is barely noticeable when the dog is wearing it.

Two dogs in the forest with a rain blanket each from Pomppa in the colors purple and grey

The collar extends well up over the dog's neck to protect the neck and neck while giving the dog the opportunity to move its head freely.
At the base of the collar there is an opening for the leash, so your dog can be leashed while wearing the blanket. The jacket covers the dog's shoulder blades with its large muscles well without affecting the dog's movement pattern at the front. The jacket also covers the dog's entire belly and protects it against moisture and cold.

Two dogs in the forest with each a rain blanket from Pomppa in purple and blue

Dog running in the forest with a retriever in his mouth and a rain blanket in gray from Pomppa

Pomppa Light Raincover is available in 5 different colors and you can find them here!