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Back On Track Dog Mesh Rug

Back On Track

This Back on Track Mesh Dog Rug is really popular with Dog Agility Trainers!

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This Back on Track Mesh Dog Rug is really popular with Dog Agility Trainers! The Mesh Rug forms a smooth, closely moulded fit to your dog's body shape, performing better than stiffer materials. The main opening and wither area of this mesh dog coat can be adjusted to achieve the optimum fit. It has elastic leg straps in the back, a hole in the neck for the lead and zippered opening for the tail.

The Back on Track Mesh Dog Rug can be worn under other rugs for extra warmth, during exercise sessions, or even following rainy weather to speed up your dog's drying process. The Mesh Rug is ideal in this situation as it boasts maximum permeability for dampness.

There are reflectors on both sides for improved visibility and safety when worn on its own. The Back on Track Mesh Dog Rug is also very popular with the smaller dog breeds as they are so lightweight.

To measure - measure your dog from it's wither / collar to the base of the tail.

Machine Washable up to 30 degrees C. DO NOT tumble dry.

Made with Welltex - Material means that your dog can benefit from the restorative properties of infrared heat and a sense of well being.

How it works:

Ceramic powder is melted into the fibres of the fabric. The Welltex - Material TM Reflects body heat in the form of infra red heat, an energy form known to increase well-being.

Reflected body heat can reduce muscle tension and increase blood circulation which helps speed up recovery from injury as well as reducing the possibility of injury. Worn next to the skin it can deliver a comforting and therefore relaxing sensation making it really popular among agility dogs and trainers.



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