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Back On Track Dog Standard Rug

Back On Track

Back On Track Dog Standard Rug has a water resistant and breathable polyester outer shell. It is lined with Back on Track’s bio-ceramic textile providing therapeutic benefits for arthritic conditions, joint problems and muscle tension. It features reflectors on each side and adjustable lace at the chest to allow optimum fit. It has zipper tail and lead openings and elasticated hind leg straps.

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The Back on Track® Dog Rug is manufactured with the revolutionary Welltex™ ceramic infused polypropylene fabric, with an additional water resistant and breathable, polyester outer layer.

The garment boats reflectors either side for added visibility, an adjustable opening around the withers, an opening at the neck to attach a lead easily and rear elastic leg ties and a pull tie for the tail for added comfort and a secure fit.

Measure back from withers to root of tail.


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