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Julius K9 IDC Longwalk Neon

Julius K9

The IDC®LONGWALK dog harness is the first joint-friendly Y-harness, designed as the ideal accessory for longer walks and leisurely excursions with your pet. Available in four colors.

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Julius K9 IDC Longwalk Red
Julius K9 IDC Longwalk Black
Julius K9 IDC Longwalk Blue
Julius K9 IDC Longwalk Neon
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The award-winning Long Walk Dog Hiking Harnesses are developed with your dogs safety and comfort in mind.

Going on long walks, hikes or trails subjects you and your dog to thousands of minor tuggings, causing friction and micro-vibrations on joints. Our scientifically designed hiking harness greatly reduces the impact of this movement thanks to three built-in elastic elements.

All of Julius K9's dog harnesses are extremely durable and trusted by professional dog handlers, trainers, and pet owners alike.

Product Features:

  • Adjustable straps
  • Optimal pressure distribution
  • Fully adjustable to ensure secure and comfortable fit
  • Easy and quick to fit and remove
  • Side bag and torch attachment fastener
  • Highly secure, heavy duty buckle fittings
  • High visibility reflective hem edging
  • Elastic lead fixing to reduce impact of sudden pulls
  • Attachable/Replaceable custom labels
  • 2019 Red Dot Award-winning design
Color: Green

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