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NoseWork Mellankit
NoseWork Mellankit

NoseWork Mellankit

Training Kit that includes the scents of eucalyptus and bay leaf, several varieties of containers, tops of heads and notice cans to your hydro later. The kit contains everything that you can work out in the first two classifying (NW1 and NW2).

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Nosework Nordic Between Kit is a training kit with equipment for all the NW1 and NW2.

The starter kit contains:

  • 1 x Container S
  • 2 x Container XS
  • 2 x Container XXS
  • 2 x Hydrolatburkar to 10 ml vials
  • 1 x hydrolat Eucalyptus, 10 ml
  • 1 x hydrolat Lagerblad 10 ml
  • 1 x Tops Jar with 40 ecological tops heads

For security reasons we can not accept returns or exchanges of hydro later.

Hydrolat are fragrant plant water left over from the distillation of essential oils. Hydrolat contains the distilled plant properties and fragrance.

When steamed distillation plant or flower to get the essential oil. The steam passes takes the characteristics of the plant parts and fragrances. When the steam is returned to the water as it becomes hydrolat.

To hydrolaten last longer, keep a cool dark place.

Cotton swab these heads are not genetically modified and grown without chemicals. Moreover tops heads free of plastic and wood charged nature.

Should your dog to swallow one of these tops of heads are broken down in the stomach. Do keep an eye on your dog if it has swallowed a swab head.

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