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Siccaaro Spirit Absorbent Dog Coat


Siccaro Spirit is the perfect outdoor equipment to get your dog dry and warm after they get wet or if it’s cold outside. The Siccaro Spirit features an inner layer of our specially designed super absorbent viscose which is great if your dog has been running in the rain, had a swim or been doing rigorous activity and needs to keep warm afterwards. The added benefit of the Siccaro Spirit is that it’s water and dirt resistant so that your dog can be outside and active whilst getting dry.

The Siccaro Spirit is wind resistant and the long neck gives extra warmth in colder months so it makes the perfect, all purpose outdoor dog coat with an especially fast drying inner layer.

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At the core of our unique Siccaro Spirit coat, is a specialised blend viscose fabric, which has been developed especially for their incredible absorbent properties. Many textiles were explored, yet none compared to the special viscose we discovered that can absorb up to 11 times it’s own weight in water!

In order to increase the durability of the Siccaro Spirit coat and allow your dog to be active outdoors whilst still getting dry, we added a coated linen outer. This allows the dog to be extra warmth as the outer fabric protects from wind, light rain and will be somewhat dirt resistant. All trimmings including the specially designed FlexLock clip have been tried, tested and can withstand the most rigorous activity.


When originally designing the WetDog collection we required a clip system that would be light-weight and easy to manoeuvre for children, the elderly or even with gloves on! After trialling a large number of many pre-made clips we consulted the founders father, a successful inventor, within the pet industry. Peter Marschall had developed an incredibly easy and effective system, which in cold months was the perfect solution for the Siccaro Spirit coat. The lock is now patented and our range exclusively features this special design. Customers with arthritis have been especially happy to report how easy it is for them to use on their dogs.


We have designed the Siccaro Spirit coat to be as easy to care for, as it is to use. After multiple uses, or if your dog has covered the Siccaro Spirit in dirt, simply put the dog coat into the washing machine at up to 40 Degrees Celsius and line dry or tumble dry at a low heat if preferred. It is also possible to hand wash or rinse the WetDog robe in warm water if required, ensure that you wring the garment out to eliminate excess water before hanging to dry or tumble drying.

100 day return policy

- Return product purchased 100 days from the date you received goods. 

- Returns are on the grounds that you are unsatisfied with the expected performance of the product in accordance with the product benefits that Siccaro advertises. Misuse, negligence and intentional or severe damage of the product do not warrant a refund. 

- Please note that Siccaro textiles work at their full potential after 2 washes of the garment or outer fabric eg. FlexDog Mat. Never wash it above 30 degrees as this will ruin the textile fibres, and thus, it's ability to absorb water. 

- The price of return postage or shipping will be paid for by the customer. 

- Our Risk FREE policy only applies to the first order by any legal entity and applies only to orders placed on or later than 1st January, 2017 and onward until further notice on this website. 

- If multiple products of the same type (eg. WetDog) are purchased, please test and use one of those items to assess whether the product meets expectations. In the event that you are unsatisfied with this first item we will accept it back and grant a refund. We will accept returns of only UNUSED items thereafter. 
This means, if you purchase WetDogs for multiple dogs, you can only return ONE USED WetDog. You may return the other WetDogs, however they must be in original packaging, in original condition, with tags on and UNUSED. 

- Initial shipping cost will not be refunded by Dogmania.

- Dogmania has the right to change or withdraw this offer at any time. 

** Note that you should NEVER let your dog swim in a WetDog or WetDog Hunter and you must remove when your dog is near bodies of water where they are able to go in. Both of these scenarios pose a drowning risk to your dog.


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