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Trikem WorkingDog Max GLM+ Green Lipped Mussle Dog


Trikem Max GLM+ Dog is a supplement for active and hard working dogs!

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Developed for active, working dogs in hunting, mushing, agility and more. 

Hard working dogs are elite riders where long-term performance requires the right balance of many nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.
Appropriate deficiencies deal with the body with lower activity and longer recovery. If you add the missing substances, your body will be able to perform more for a long time.

The supplement Max GLM + is suitable for preventive maintenance for active dogs. The subject chondroitin is naturally found in the mussel extract. Formulated in a tasty and useful prebiotic yeast culture, it stabilizes the intestinal culture and improves nutrient uptake.

GLM + contains no sugar and no doping substances!

Use:Recommended for younger dogs in connection with tougher racing and exercise periods as well as to older dogs.
Keep in mind that the best protection for the joints is well-trained and smooth muscles!

Daily 5 ml / 10 kg body weight. Sprinkle on the food.Contains 450 g.

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