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Trikem WorkingDog Energy Booster Dog


Energy booster for top performance! Perfect for active dogs who are trained and competed hard especially during the racing season and hunting season.

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A powerful energy boost with MCT oil that quickly supplies the muscles with concentrated energy. Hydrolyzed completely into the intestine and stored in the muscles for direct conversion into energy.
Formulated with CLA that boosts fat burning and further contributes to increasing performance and stamina for physical exertion.

MCT oil is medium fatty acids from exclusive oils. These are metabolized more efficiently than traditional oils in the body and have become an obvious and highly rated source of energy for high performing athletes.CLA is a fat combustor that catalyzes the conversion of stored fat into readily available energy. In addition to the beneficial effect of boosting energy, research has shown that CLA contributes to producing the fatty acids that are nutrition for the brain, thus stimulating learning and memory.

Given as concentrated energy supplement during 1 week before maximum performance. Builds up powerfulenergy reserve. If the Energy Booster is used for longer periods, such as hunting season or racing season, pay particular attention to the dog's weight.

Dosage: Daily 10 ml / 10 kg body weight 1 week before planned maximum performance.
Double dose of activity day and the day before.

Do not overdose with a major deviation from the recommended dosage.

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