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Hyaluron 365 is preventive to middle-aged dogs when the first signs of an onset of stiffness appear.
When the dog no longer jumps into the car and the sofa or when it takes a bit too long to get started in the morning. These are signals that may be due to reduced production of lead fluid.

If the dog becomes more mobile when it receives Hyaluron 365, wear can decrease before damage occurs in the joint.

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Hyaluron 365 improves the dog's mobility by providing the substances needed for joints and muscles. Substances like the body over the years produce less of themselves. The most important is Hyaluronic acid contained in the fluid to lubricate the joint and reduce wear.

MSM, Chondroitin sulfate and Glucosamine are needed to reshape arthritis, ligaments and muscle cells. Many of the lead preparations available on the market only supply "repairing" substances but the wear and tear of the joint continues. With Hyaluron365 we supply both repairing agents and compensate for the lack of Hyaluron which is the root cause of the wear and tear.The effect of Hyaluron 365 is already noticeable after 1-2 weeks. The joints are lubricated better and the dog quickly gains greater mobility.

Hyaluron 365 helps the dog when it does not produce enough Hyaluron itself.For hard working younger dogs, Hyaluron 365 is provided to complement the dog's own production of substances that are used to a greater extent at high loads.

10 ml daily in feed for dogs weighing less than 15 kg.
15 ml daily in feed for dogs weighing between 15-30 kg.
20 ml daily in feed for dogs weighing between 30-45 kg.
25 ml daily in pet food weighing over 45 kg.

Normally, no more than 25 ml do not matter, regardless of the weight of the dog.


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