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WorkingDog Max MSM + for high-performance dogs. MSM supplements are recommended for the well-being and performance of active and working dogs.

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MSM is the body's sulfur source that contributes to the cells' ability to exchange nutrients and slag products through the bloodstream. In the case of MSM deficiency, the yield is impaired and the dog gets lower lactic acid threshold with poor performance. Muscle recovery also takes longer.

MSM is an important part of the entire body's formation of cells and is included in the construction of cartilage, tendons, connective tissue, muscles, skeletal and fur. It is also an important building block in the body's production of amino acids, proteins, enzymes and hormones. Organic sulfur is something in every cell in the body, in other words one of the most important components for a well functioning body.

MaxMSM + is formulated in a tasty and useful prebiotic yeast culture that stabilizes the intestinal culture and improves nutritional uptake. Sulfur is included in the structure of all cells and deficiencies affect all the body's processes and functions. The feed is the dog's source of sulfur. If the dog gets heat treated fabricated feed, the risk is high for sulfur deficiency because MSM is already affected at relatively low temperatures.

Active dogs consume more of all nutrients, and in high physical activity, for example, the muscles develop, where increased cell production requires access to excessive sulfur.

MaxMSM + contains no sugar.
Dosage:2.5 ml / 10kg body weight daily.

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