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MaxMuscle is a complete supplement to the endurance of active dogs. MaxMuscle is primarily intended for sports and working dogs in agility and obedience.

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Active sports and hobby dogs often have a limited supply of nutrients via conventional feed, in terms of performance and activity. Generally, the body requires more of all nutrients - not just energy, fat and protein - during exercise and higher stress. 
Lack of single nutrients limits not only the body's development and performance but can also be a long-term part of disease development and injury.

MaxMuscle is a complete addition to the endurance of active dogs. Add Vitamin E and the selenium necessary for the body to metabolize Vitamin E. Lysine and
Methionine are important essential amino acids that build and repair muscles, legs and soft tissues.

Selenium, Zinc and Manganese are trace elements needed in nutrition and
Muscle building. Vitamin E is an important part in rehabilitation of blood vessels and blood supply to the muscles.

Formulated in a tasty and useful prebiotic yeast culture that stabilizes the intestinal culture and improves nutritional uptake.
600 g

Contains no sugar.

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