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Size guide for Dogman dog coats

Size chart for Dogman dog coats

Size Back length Neck width Chest circumference Ex. dog breeds
25 25 cm 32 cm 30-45 cm Chihuahua, Affenpinscher
30 30 cm 36 cm 45-55 cm Maltese, Papillon
35 35 cm 42 cm 45-57 cm Bichon Frize, French Bulldog
40 40 cm 50 cm 55-70 cm Beagle, Cocker spaniel
45 45 cm 52 cm 55-73 cm Australian Kelpie, Bull Terrier
50 50 cm 56 cm 60-80 cm English springer spaniel, whippet
55 55 cm 60 cm 70-90 cm Border collie, Australian shepherd
60 60 cm 68 cm 70-93 cm Boxer, Dalmatian, Labrador
65 65 cm 74 cm 70-93 cm Golden Retriever, Bernese Mountain Dog


Here above you see guidelines regarding measurements for different breeds. Keep in mind that there can be individual differences between the breeds and also between female and male dogs. Therefore, it is always best to measure your dog to get the most accurate measurement possible.

There are mainly three different measurements that you easily measure on your dog with the help of a measuring tape to know which size of dog blanket to choose.

How to measure:

1. Back length is measured from the base of the neck and back to the root of the tail. Remember that the dog must stand still with a straight back for the most accurate measurement possible. Use this length as your starting point when choosing a dog blanket.

2. Neck circumference is measured around the neck where it is thickest closest to the chest. Several fingers should easily fit under the neck opening so that the garment does not fit too tightly.

3. Chest circumference is measured around the chest, behind the front legs where the chest is widest. The garment should not be tight, but the dog should be able to move freely. Dogs with long or thick fur need even more space.

Measurement instructions for dog blankets from Dogman