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Hurtta Worker Vest - Green Camo

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Worker is a durable reflective vest that is visible in the dark for outdoor activities and hunting. Large reflective prints and 3M reflective edging ensure good visibility.

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Worker is a durable reflective vest that is visible in the dark for outdoor activities and hunting. Large reflective prints and 3M reflective edging ensure good visibility. The vest is made of elastic and breathable fabric with weather-resistant Houndtex lamination. The vest is lined with a soft mesh fabric. The material of the vest is durable and does not rustle.

The stomach part of the vest is made of durable Cordura® fabric. The Cordura® fabric has been developed to withstand extremely hard mechanical wear in demanding conditions. When moving through forests and fields, there is a risk that twigs can scratch the dog's stomach and chest, and the belly piece of the vest is designed to protect the dog's chest and the sensitive stomach area.

The back of the vest has a zipper attachment where the locking mechanism of the pull tab prevents the zipper from opening while the dog is moving. The tight fit makes the vest ergonomic and safe. The protective collar has mounts for GPS collars, and the mounts are also detachable. The vest's protective belly piece can be shaped with scissors, e.g. for male dogs. Inside the vest there are pre-printed lines to easily shape the stomach piece. When shaping the belly piece, it is good to use scissors and you should not cut across the seams.

The modern camouflage version of the worker vest is treated with Clariant which provides effective protection against mosquitoes, ticks and other insects. The fabric is dermatologically tested and certified and does not emit any harmful substances. Sanitized®-treated textiles are dermatologically tested and safe for the dog.

The material can withstand machine washing according to the washing council and the treatment retains its properties for up to a hundred washes. The Sanitized® treatment is used in e.g. camouflage suits, hiking and hunting equipment as well as in tents and sleeping bags.

Waterproof and breathable 100% PES fabric: water column 3,000 mm, ventilation 3,000 g/m2/24h Tear strength 60 / 50 Newton (ISO 13937.1-2000)
The stomach piece's Cordura® fabric, water column 3,000 mm, breathability 3,000 g/m2/24h. Tear strength 150 / 190 Newton (ISO 13937.1-2000). Wear resistance >10,000 revolutions (ISO 12947.2-1998)
The two-tone vest is specially designed for running dogs and does
it is easier to observe the dog's position and direction of movement from a distance
Detachable fasteners for GPS collars in the collar
Edge tape with 3M reflectors, luminous power 500 cd/(lx.m2)
The leisure fabric is tested according to Öko-Tex standard 100 and is safe and free of harmful substances.

• The camouflage version is treated with Clariant insect protection
• The active substance in the product's Clariant Sanitized® treatment is permethrin. Permethrin protects against insects, such as mosquitoes, fleas and ticks
• The treatment is dermatologically tested and safe to use on dogs, but may cause skin symptoms on sensitive skin

May not be used on cats. Permethrin is toxic to cats.

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