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FRIDAY DEAL - 4 for 3 at Kerotugg

Kerotugg Tuggrulle Älg Svensk 15 cm

Kerotug Chew roll Moose Swedish 15 cm

Size15 cm

Friday deal!

4 for 3 on all chewing bones from Kerotugg, only valid today 29/9.

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Chew bone made of dried Swedish moose skin from Kerotugg 15 cm. Perfect for small dogs or as a reward for dog training.



  • Chew roll of dried rawhide from moose.
  • Sustainable chewing bones from our Norrbothnian forests.
  • No additives, no bleach, no glue or other strange things.
  • Length 15 cm and diameter 1.5 cm.

Small chewing bone made of Swedish dried elk hide. Length approx. 15 cm. Diameter approx. 15-20 mm.

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