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Proudly hand-crafted in Finland!

HelsiTar, founded in January 2006, provides jobs for small sewing companies and manufactures quality products in Finland. HelsiTar has its own manufacturing facilities located at the island of Harvaluoto in Western Finland near Turku. We use mainly materials manufactured by Sweden FOW fabric (microfibre) and Teva Fabrics (enstex).

We have customers from all breeds of dogs and of course also dog owners. We manufacture custom made products and have our own clothing range for resellers, associations and companies. All the products can be embroidered with text, images and logos.

HelsiTar products cover wide range of different kinds of outfits for outdoor activities and dog hobbies. Outfits are well designed and manufactured with high quality fabrics and trendy colors. All dog coats and outfits for people are designed to fit together with similar models and colors which makes our products well-defined and harmonious.

We take great pride of our custom made products and always try to be as environmentally friendly as possible. HelsiTar products are made by hand and with high quality which Finnish Avainlippu label also identifies.
We have thousands of pleased customers in Finland and all over the world so we continuously develop our product range to be able to fulfill all our customer needs.

Let’s be active and train our dogs wearing top quality HelsiTar outfits!

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