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Mikaela Holegård

Mikaela started agility 2004 together with the dwarf poodle Wilma, who was the family's first dog. In 2005 she held her first agility course at the Brukshundklubben in Flen and has been active as an instructor at various levels since then.
Over the years Mikaela has been training and competing with several different dogs (own and others) and has participated in several Swedish Championships, International Sheltie Competition (Sheltie World Cup) and Norwegian Open.

In 2014, Michael's first book came out; The popular reason is the reason, part 1. A book that has been sold successfully both as an inspiration for your own training as literature for the club's agility courses. The reason is the reason followed by a continuation (part 2 - put the dog on the line) and today there are a total of seven titles. Everyone is about dog training and you will find more information about them below!

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