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Handmade in Sweden

All Out-n-Out products are developed and manufactured in Borås. Out-n-Out is very proud to be able to work with skilled craftsmen. Out-n-Out believes that the best products are manufactured in close cooperation between development and production and by people who find joy in their profession.

Out-n-out's founder and Creative Director, Anna Käll is educated designer and grown up with textile tradition since childhood. After many years of design and textile education in Borås and Manchester, she moved home to Borås in the late 90's and got her first own dog. Anna has been training and racing a number of dogs over the last 15 years. She has international success in agility sports and has participated in most major championships, with fourth place at the World Cup as the biggest merit. She is a judge but also loved the instructor and arranges various events and courses in dog sports.

Out-n-out has been a hobby project for several years, but when Anna reached the idea in 2016 and designed her first organic wool blanket that was loved by both dogs and those who saw it, she decided it was time to give the dog world an opportunity to take part of these and give the company a full-time opportunity.

Out-n-out's motto is: "For the well being of our canine friends."

The company will develop and sell easy-to-use, stylish and high-quality products for the environment all the way, to increase the well-being of our dogs.

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