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MAELSON Soft Kennel Canvasbur - Anthracite

MAELSON Soft Kennel Canvas cage - Anthracite

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Best dog carrier from Maelson Soft Kennel in the color Anthracite. A solid and durable canvas cage with strong seams and strong zippers. A safe and secure choice for e.g. dog competitions and exhibitions when you need to keep the dog in a cage.
Size guide

Soft Kennel 52 Dimensions: 52x33x33 cm Weight: 2.5 kg Soft Kennel 62 Dimensions: 62x41x41cm Weight: 3.1 kg Soft Kennel 72 Dimensions: 72x51x51cm Weight: 4.1 kg Soft Kennel 82 Dimensions: 82x59x59cm Weight: 4.8 kg Soft Kennel 92 Dimensions: 92x64x64cm Weight: 5.5 kg Soft Kennel 105 Dimensions: 105x72x81cm Weight: 8.3 kg Soft Kennel 120 Dimensions: 120x77x86cm Weight: 11.0 kg


Care instructions

The nylon cloth is easy to remove by loosening the inner velcro straps that attach it to the frame and can be machine washed at 30 degrees.


  • Collapsible canvas cage with strong inner steel frame.
  • Three openings on the front, top and side for easy access.
  • Extra strong, tightly woven mesh fabric on doors and windows.
  • Roll down blinds on the sides and back.
  • Seat belts in the car help secure the kennel in the vehicle.
  • Waterproof base keeps moisture out when used outdoors.
  • Premium quality zippers that slide easily complete with a locking feature so the zipper can't come up.
  • Reinforced rounded corners protect furniture and car interiors.
  • Washable, padded inner cushion for extra comfort.
  • Replacement fabric covers and inner cushions are available as accessories.


Our personal favorite when it comes to dog cages, we have used this model ourselves for many years and it holds up incredibly well. This cage has strong seams and strong zippers so you can trust the dog to stay in the cage. Significantly stronger than similar cheaper options on the market and well worth the price.Folding canvas cage with heavy steel frame inside3 openings - front top and side for easy accessExtra strong tightly woven mesh fabric on doors and windowsCurtains that you can roll down on the sides and backStraps where you can attach the seat belt if you want to use it in the car Waterproof bottom allows you to use it on wet surfaces Premium quality zippers that slide easily complete with locking function so the zipper can't come up Reinforced round corners that protect the interior of the car Washable padded pad for extra comfort SizesSizeMeasurements Recommended withers height 52 ( with carrying handle)52 x 33 x 33 cmup to 31 cm62 (with carrying handle)62 x 41 x 41 cmup to 39 cm7272 x 51 x 51 cmup to 49 cm8282 x 59 x 59 cmup to 57 cm9292 x 64 x 64 cmup to 62 cm105105 x 72 x 81 cm up to 79 cm120120 x 77 x 86 cm up to 84 cm Why should I buy a MAELSON Soft Kennel Canvas cage instead of a corpse nding product? MAELSON as a brand stands for products that are carefully thought out and offer smart product features and first-class material quality. Here is an overview of the features that make a MAELSON Soft Kennel stand out compared to a similar canvas cage: The inner steel frame is powder coated for long life and is made with a generous continuous diameter thickness. The thick frame is a guarantee of years of trouble-free ownership. The frame naturally has no protruding or sharp elements that could endanger your dog's well-being. The fabric of the Soft Kennel is made of tough 600D nylon fabric reinforced further with 900D nylon material in the corners. The bottom of the Soft Kennel is made of a waterproof fabric layer that is not only ideal for outdoor use but also prevents liquids from seeping through the cage and staining, for example, a valuable carpet in the house or your car seat upholstery if your dog happens to urinate in the cage. We source the nylon fabric from reputable suppliers to ensure there are no traces of softeners or similar chemical additives that are harmful to your dog's health. MAELSON Soft Kennel has been tested and approved by an independent certification company to not contain such harmful substances. The nylon fabric is of course easy to remove by loosening the inner velcro straps that secure it to the frame and is machine washable at 30∞C. The zippers come from what in our eyes is the premier brand for quality the Japanese company YKK. The YKK zippers we use on every soft kennel can be seen immediately because they slide easily their generous width and thickness and the YKK logo embossed on the sturdy zipper. Both the front and side doors each have a zipper that prevents your dog from opening the zipper from inside.For the doors and windows we use one of the best mesh materials currently available which is made of tightly woven reinforced nylon. This resists scratching better than cheaper rubber materials found in cheaper cages. Each canvas cage is equipped with nylon loops on the top and nylon straps at the bottom to secure the cage either in the back seat of a vehicle or in the trunk / trunk with bungee straps (not included) via the vehicle's binding points found in each luggage / luggage compartment. The rear window side door and the opposite side window have an additional roller blind that can be used for extra comfort (for example at exhibitions to shut out the outside world). We have deliberately excluded a roller blind on the front door so that sufficient air circulation is guaranteed at all times. However, if you want to hide the front door for short periods of time, you can attach a separate piece of fabric to the Velcro fasteners at the top of the door.Each MAELSON Soft Kennel comes with an inner cushion as standard for extra comfort. We also fit a high quality YKK zip on the inner pad to remove the outer liner should it need to be washed. The liner is machine washable at 30 ∞ C. The Soft Kennel 52 & 62 sizes also have carrying handles to make it easier to transport your dog or cat inside without having to fold the cage. Last but not least, we are proud to offer spare parts for every size and color. The steel frame the outer casing the inner pad and buckles are all available as spare parts should you need to replace them.So to summarize when comparing a MAELSON Soft Kennel Canvascage with a similar product make sure you check the following core points:1. How strong and durable is the inner frame?2. How easy are the zippers to use for everyday use and how do they feel in terms of quality? 3. How robust are the mesh doors and windows? 4. Make sure that when you open an alternative cage you are not met with a strong smell of chemical scent from inside as the long term health effects of having a chemically impregnated product should send a warning signal to all dog owners.Note! Keep in mind that while we take great pride in and choose to select high quality materials, this cage is still a fabric cage. Under no circumstances is the cage intended to serve as a place of forced confinement for your dog. Also, if you have an aggressive or not yet cage-trained dog, if an anxious dog wants to get out of the soft cage, its sharp claws and teeth will eventually work their way out of even the toughest nylon fabric. We therefore recommend that you train your dog in advance. Thanks.

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