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Orbiloc K9 Aktivpaket


The Orbiloc K9 Active Pack Limited Edition contains an Amber Orbiloc Dual lamp and a Dark Orbiloc Dual lamp. In this practical double pack, both you and the dog get maximum visibility on the forest walk or run. A lamp with an associated Orbiloc Armband and an Orbiloc Clip that you easily thread around your arm and an Orbiloc Dual lamp with an Orbiloc Adjustable strap for your dog that you attach to the collar or harness.

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The Orbiloc Safety Light dog light is a visible and light device that is attached to the dog's collar or harness. Orbiloc Safety Light dog lamp makes your dog visible in the dark at a distance of up to 5 km and helps dog and owner to move safely in traffic during the dark time.

The Orbiloc Safety Light is the only dog ​​light that is 100% waterproof to 100 meters. We know that most dogs love water and therefore the Orbiloc Safety Light can be on when the dog takes a walk in the lake or the sea. The lamp is designed for and used by the military. The lamp has been tested and is very robust and can withstand 100 kg of pressure.

We all know that it is important that both dog and owner can see in the dark. Without reflectors, a car driver will detect them only when they are 25 meters away. With approved reflectors, they are visible at 150 meters, and the driver will be able to react. Even better is if they have lights on. With the Orbiloc Safety Light, the driver will be able to see them at a distance of up to 5 km. The dog owner can also see where the dog is if it gets loose in the dark or at dusk.

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