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Dog training

At Dogmania, you can find training products for Nosework, physical training, mushing, agility, obedience & IPO from well-known brands such as Dogman and Trixie. Remember to have a fun time with your dog; training strengthens the interaction and trust between you and your furry friend.


Product type
WoodDog Dumbbell Wooden Standard
NoseWork Container with magnet
Obedience cones 15 cm

Obedience cones 15 cm

NoseWork Container with holes
Obedience Shoe High 40 cm
NoseWork Container without magnet
NoseWork Hydrolat - Bay leaf
NoseWork Hydrolat - Lavender
NoseWork Plastic container, 3-pack
Zero DC Faster Drawstring - Blue

Marker cone - Red

Sold Out
2 options
Companion Candy bag with travel bowl - Purple