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Dog harnesses

A dog harness makes walking comfortable and safe. With us you will find a large assortment of dog harnesses in models such as y-harnesses, pull harnesses, anti-pull harnesses and step-in harnesses. A harness is a good alternative to a dog collar when it is important that the dog is comfortable and can move smoothly during various activities. Here you can buy harnesses from quality brands such as Non-stop, Dog Copenhagen, Hurtta, Anny-X, Zero DC and others.


Product type
Anny-X Fun Dog Harness - Black
Zero DC Shorter Harness - Black
Anny-X Fun Dog Harness - Olive/Orange
Anny-X Fun Dog Harness - Brown/Amber
Anny-X Fun Dog Harness - Olive/Olive
Zero DC Shorter Harness - Purple
Zero DC Shorter Harness - Pink
Anny-X Fun Dog Harness - Black/Pink
Zero DC Shorter Harness - Turquoise
Zero DC Shorter Harness - Red
Zero DC Shorter Harness - Blue
Non-stop Line Harness V5 - Green
Non-stop Line Harness V5 - Black
Anny-X Fun Dog Harness - Black/Red
Anny-X Fun Dog Harness - Brown/Petrol
Non-stop Line Harness V5 - Purple
Non-stop Line Harness V5 - Orange
Non-stop Line Harness V5 - Blue
Non-stop Ramble Dog Harness - Green
Zero DC Shorter Harness - Yellow
Zero DC Shorter Harness - Green