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Chew bone

Reward your dog with chew bones from well-known brands such as Kerotugg, Rauh, and Dogman. Chew bones are not only delicious but also stimulate the dog's oral health, promote healthier teeth, and can prevent tartar build-up. Chewing on bones is only positive and increases the dog's well-being!

We have non-toxic chew bones made of moose, beef, or reindeer skin. The chew bones from Kerotugg are handcrafted in Sweden with skin from Swedish animals. Why should you give your dog chew bones? Chewing keeps your dog occupied and gnaws away plaque from your dog's teeth while neutralizing bad breath. We recommend not giving more than one chew bone per day. Can you give chew bones to puppies? It is okay to give puppies over four months old chew bones. Start with large chew bones to ensure the puppy does not accidentally swallow the chew bone.


Product type
Kerotug Chew roll Moose Swedish 25 cm
Kerotug Chew roll Moose Swedish 16 cm
Kerotug Chew roll Moose Swedish 15 cm
Kerotugg Chew roll Reindeer Swedish 14 cm
Kerotug Chew roll Beef Swedish 36 cm