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Alggutten Junior Balance Puppy food

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AlgGutten puppy food, meat-based and wheat-free. Also suitable for pregnant and lactating bitches.


Small tokens approx. 1 cm diameter, approx. 5 mm thickness.


Protein (dried)

Chicken - High digestibility This means easily accessible building blocks for muscles and the lowest climate impact of the meat varieties

Nut - Medium digestibility, contains a high proportion of thiamin, niacin, B6, iron, zinc and selenium.

Lamb - High digestibility and very readily available protein. Gentle on the stomach.


Rice - readily available energy facilitates digestion and is good for the stomach

Barley - evens out the blood sugar curve and provides slow carbohydrates that complement the rice.

Animal fat from pig for additional energy

Fibers for the intestinal flora - beet pulp (note desugared and used in prebiotics for its beneficial function in the intestine) and linseed expeller - very rich in omega 3 (do not confuse with linseed)

Added for natural vitamins - carrots and brewer's yeast (high proportion of pure B vitamins), algae ascophyllum nodosum.

Prebiotics (FOS) - stimulate the growth of the good bacteria and keep the immune system in good shape.

The feed contains 2.5% ascophyllum nodosum, which improves the dog's immune system and an optimal balance of Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which are important for promoting good joint health, as well as healthy fur and skin.

Analytical constituents:

Protein 25%

Crude fat 16%

NFE (carbohydrates) 39.5%

Plant thread 2.0%

Water content 10%

Crude ash / mineral matter 7.5%

of which calcium 1.3%

phosphorus 1.1%

Marketable energy 14.9MJ/kg


Vitamin A 14500 IU " D3 1400 IU " E 130 mg " C 300 mg " D 1.4 mg " B1 12 mg " B2 9 mg " B6 9 mg " B12 0.12 mg Niacin 88 mg Pantothenic acid 44 mg Omega 6 2, 21% Omega 3 0.29% Folin 0.7 mg Biotin 0.35 mg Vitamin K 3 mg Choline chloride 1500 mg Trace elements: Copper sulfate 10 mg (as copper sulfate) Selenium 0.35 mg (as sodium selenite)


Complete the look:

Junior Balans 25/16 is a super premium food developed together with veterinarians and Swedish and Norwegian specialists in Dog Nutrition. By carefully following Swedish and foreign studies and recommendations, we have developed this recipe.

The end result is a wheat-free, meat-based dog food in smaller pieces designed for puppies and growing young dogs as well as for pregnant or lactating bitches. It can also suit adults with a slightly more sensitive stomach and high energy output, as well as small dog breeds, with their smaller pieces.

Selected protein from several different sources complement each other well with different digestibility and nutrients. In combination with kind carbohydrates, prebiotics and algae, we provide intestinal health and the immune system with excellent conditions.

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