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News from Non-stop Dogwear

Nyheter från Non-stop Dogwear

News from Non-stop Dogwear spring/summer 2023

In recent days, we have stocked up with spring and summer news from Non-stop, and as usual, they are well-thought-out products adapted for an active dog life.

Non-stop Freemotion Limited Edition in the color yellow/pink/blue

Non-stop Freemotion Limited Edition 5.0 Drawstring - Yellow/Pink/Blue

This year's color bomb is guaranteed to attract attention on the run or walk with your dog. This colorful drawstring is only available in limited edition so don't wait too long to get your hands on one if you fancy this color explosion!

This dog harness is adapted for activities with high traction, such as running, cycling or skiing. The pulling force is distributed evenly over the dog's entire body, while minimizing the pressure on the spine.

One of the most impressive features of Freemotion 5.0 is its adjustable design. The harness can be adjusted to your dog's size and shape to ensure a perfect fit. By adjusting the straps on the sides and around the chest, you can create a safe and comfortable experience for your dog during all activities. Whether your dog is small or large, the Freemotion 5.0 will be able to be adjusted to fit perfectly.

Feel free to combine with the Non-stop Bungee Leash Limited Edition Blue for a perfect match.

Non-stop Rock Harness Long

Non-stop Rock Harness Long

This is one of Non-stop's most talked about product releases and has been eagerly awaited by many! The Non-stop Rock Harness Long is a revolutionary harness that will be well suited for hiking, trail running, K9 biathlon and also for military and police use.

This dog harness has a unique material in the back plate called HexiVent, this ventilating material makes the harness breathable and therefore fits perfectly in warm weather. The material is also quick-drying, so it doesn't matter if the dog takes a dip.

The wide padded back plate and the two straps that go under the stomach ensure that the pressure is evenly distributed at the top and bottom for optimal power transfer. The harness also has a robust handle that allows you to lift and help the dog on difficult terrain.

The harness is adjustable around the neck, chest and waist, which allows you to adjust it to the optimal fit. There are 3 leash attachments, at the front at the neck, at the back of the back and also at the front to be able to use it as an anti-pull harness.

Buy Non-stop Rock Harness Long here

Non-stop Protector Life Jacket life jacket for dogs at

Non-stop Protector Life Jacket Life jacket

Finding the right life jacket for your four-legged friend can be a challenge. Many dog ​​life jackets are uncomfortable and limit the dog's freedom of movement both on land and in the water. But now there is a solution that takes into account how dogs are built, how they move and how they can float in the water. Non-stop has developed a life jacket that gives your dog the ultimate swimming experience.

This life jacket from Non-stop has a unique SAFE-R construction that gives your dog optimal buoyancy and stability in the water. Instead of placing the buoyancy material over the entire vest, it has been strategically placed on the sides to increase buoyancy and at the same time promote the dog's freedom of movement. This allows your dog to swim and move in the water without feeling restricted.

We know that some dogs are real water lovers and love to splash around and swim. But sometimes there may be situations where extra security is needed. The life vest provides just that security by keeping your dog afloat and helping it maintain a good position in the water. This life jacket is perfect when you take your dog on an adventure by boat, canoe or SUP.

The life jacket is adjustable both around the chest and in the neck to be able to adapt it to an optimal fit. Two straps under the chest distribute the weight evenly if the dog needs to be lifted out of the water. The strong orange color makes it easy to spot the dog in the water.

Buy Non-stop Protector Life Jacket Life Jacket here

Non-stop Trekking Belt 2.0

Non-stop Trekking Belt 2.0 - hiking belt

New upgraded model of the popular hiking belt from Non-stop. This waist belt is an all-round belt suitable for hiking and regular walking. It's softly padded in the back and has leg straps so it doesn't slide up the waist when you move. The hook that you attach the belt to in the front can be attached through the D-ring underneath if you want it to be securely attached, otherwise you can choose to just put the leash in the hook so you can quickly detach the leash when needed.

On the belt there are two loops where you can attach lighter things, if you want more storage, there is a bag as an accessory that you can attach to the back of the belt - Belt Bag , see below.

Non-stop Belt Bag bag for Trekking Belt