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Size guide Julius K9 IDC Harness

Size Chest measurements The dog's weight
Baby 1 29-36 cm 0.8-3 kg
Baby 2 33-45 cm 2-5 kg
Mini-mini 40-53 cm 4-7 kg
Mini 51-67 cm 7-15 kg
0 58-76 cm 14-25 kg
1 63-85 cm 23-30 kg
2 71-96 cm 28-40 kg
3 82-115 cm 40-70 kg
4 96-138 cm 70-90 kg

Chest measurement is measured around the dog's chest where it is largest, behind the front legs. Adjust the belly strap and bow strap so that there is some space (on a large dog you should be able to get your hand in) between the dog's back and the harness. To prevent the harness from rubbing in the dog's armpits, you can have as a guideline that 2-4 fingers (depending on the dog's size) should fit behind the armpits before the belly strap comes on.

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