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Dogman Cooling bed Chilly - Blue drop

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This cooling bed with edges provides your dog with extra support and comfort while keeping them cool and comfortable during hot summer days.



A cooling bed with edges is the perfect solution for dogs in need of extra support and comfort during rest. This cooling bed from Dogman is designed to provide your dog with maximum comfort and coolness on hot summer days.

The cooling bed has a soft and comfortable surface that keeps your dog cool and comfortable as the temperature rises. The edges of the bed provide your dog with additional support, protection, and a sense of security while resting or sleeping.

Thanks to its durable material and easy cleaning, this cooling bed with edges is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. It can be easily moved around the house or taken on trips to provide your dog with comfort and coolness wherever you go.

How does a cooling bed work?

The cooling pad from Dogman works by containing a special cooling material that activates when your dog lies on it. This cooling material keeps your dog's body cool and comfortable on hot summer days. The cooling pad doesn't need to be connected to electricity or pre-cooled; the cooling effect is automatically activated when your dog uses it. When your dog is no longer using the cooling pad, the cooling effect stops.

Once the cooling effect has stopped, let the pad rest for about 15 minutes, and then it will be ready to be used again. For an extra cooling effect, you can refrigerate the pad for a while before use. Avoid placing the cooling pad directly in the sun.

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