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LickiMat Playdate Deluxe Lickmat


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Lickimat Deluxe Playdate is a lickmat developed to prevent boredom in your cat or dog. Spread out the pet's favorite food on the mat so they can use their tongue to find each mouthful. The licking is calming for the animal and it increases the sense of taste by allowing the animal to enjoy a small amount of food.


20 x 20 cm



The LickiMat Deluxe has a harder edge which can be good for the dog that tends to chew on things. The mat prevents overeating because the food lasts longer, it makes the animal eat more slowly and promotes fresh breath by scraping bacteria and food off the tongue. Saliva production is stimulated and helps to clean the teeth, gums and tongue.

Made from non-toxic food grade TPR.
Can be frozen
Wash by hand

Lickimat Playdate has square pockets and is perfect for large pieces such as meat or fish.

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